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Carl Henry Hot Gal video ft. Rally Bop – adult warning

I like a chick that’s not afraid
To keep the block on lock
To keep it nice and hot, to help a brother to get paid
And when were making love
The way she calls my name
She ‘s such a naughty thing
Rolls with a naughty crew and knows just what to do
She be driving me insane
Miss sixty, halters and daisies
Body, driving me crazy
She tokes that dro’, she pops them things
She work them hips, she’s a baller baby
A real, around the way girl
Blinging, diamonds and no pearls
She don’t play games, she got no shame
She pop them things, she’s a baller baby.

Warning – You must be of adult age in your community to watch this video!


Hot Gal – Carl Henry – ePak released Jan. 2012